Joint Ventures

  • Land & Property Acquisitions
  • Value add through planning
  • Develop, build, sell or retain

We believe in creating opportunities

By becoming a joint venture partner with Prospect Capital you can benefit in many ways. Not only are we able to provide more flexibility and better terms, but also far greater access to different tiers of capital. As the financial partner we will be seeking the most cost-effective funding solutions to maximise the profitability of the project for the benefit of all partners.

  • Detailed approach
  • Experienced team

Prospect Capital has extensive experience as a joint venture partner. Our successful approach is centred around bringing together a team of individuals, each of whom are experts in their field and who collectively deliver outstanding results.

We value long term relationships, and always seek to ensure that our clients can succeed in their ventures through our involvement.

‘We seek to establish joint venture relationships with like-minded property developers and investors, becoming a financial partner with those who are experienced and proven in their field to further their success.’

- Matthew Lawrence, Chairman

Residential Development, Beckenham, Kent

The joint venture company is acquiring a prime commercial site in Beckenham, Kent for £1.1m. With planning approval to demolish the property and to construct eight new luxury apartments, the GDV is in excess of £4m.

Residential Development, London, SE1

The joint venture company enabled an established developer to acquire the site for £2.2m with planning consent to build a single 9,278 sq ft residential property with a GDV in excess of £7m. With a new planning consent to construct three 4,500 sq ft residential properties the estimated GDV is in excess of £11m. This not only maximised the value of the site but also de-risked the development by creating three lower priced units.

Residential Purchase and Development, South London

The joint venture company purchased a site consisting of five houses for £2.8m. The site was close to a major town centre. The company subsequently gained planning approval for 50 units with a GDV of £18m and is in the construction phase of the development.

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