Wendy Bourne

Finance and Administration

Wendy has worked for Asia Pacific Group for over 20 years, initially responsible for the Group’s financial administration and later as Chief Financial Officer where she is responsible for overseeing and managing the financial accounts, budgets and operations of the Group’s various investment holdings.

She is also a director for some of the Group’s underlying companies and has been an active member of various investment boards and advisory committees.

Wendy is particularly skilled at financial modelling and developing management reporting systems that span all the disciplines of a company not just the financial side of the business.

For more than six years Wendy was also responsible for the risk oversight of a stock exchange listed fund that traded futures contracts on major global exchanges. This entailed monitoring at a high level the activities of the traders, ensuring that all contracts were rolled in time to avoid delivery as well as being able to trade commodities and currencies on various global markets including ICE, Globex and Nymex.

Wendy has been involved with Prospect Capital for the last two years and was recently appointed a director with primary responsibility for the company’s Finance and Administration.

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