Residential & Commercial, Mitre Wharf

Denny Lane

Prospect Capital, along with our joint venture partners London Green, are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Mitre Wharf, a substantial redevelopment site located in West London.

Mitre Wharf is a canal-side site located just a 12-minute walk from the future Old Oak Common high-speed train interchange and demonstrates the potential of our joint venture partnership with London Green. Our strategy concentrates on the regeneration of underutilised brownfield land within commuting distance of central London, delivering much needed affordable and sustainable housing for the local community.

Since completion of the purchase, London Green has been focused on the design of the proposed scheme, working closely with the local authority. After many months of collaborative work, we are able to announce that the planning submission has now been made. The proposed residential-led mixed-use development will provide 148 new homes and over 7,000 sq ft of commercial space.


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