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At Prospect Capital, we are particularly adept at property-backed lending involving complex offshore and trust structures. We have both the vision and knowledge to understand these complex structures and appreciate their underlying value.

  • High Value Lending from £4M
  • Specialists in complex structures
  • A commitment to deliver on the terms and within the timescale agreed
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Prospect Capital’s professional team have the ability to provide loans involving complex offshore and trust structures, with an established track record of providing £10m+ facilities.

By obtaining an in-depth understanding of the individual structure at an early stage, we are able to effect a simple and swift transition from the acceptance of the loan to the legal completion.

‘An exceptionally straightforward and transparent approach to even the most complex of high value lending requirements.’

- Bennie Burger, Legal


Land with Planning Permission, Southern England

Prospect Capital successfully provided a £14m facility for a site valued at £46m. This involved a complex offshore ownership structure with the asset based in the UK. Since then, Prospect Capital has engaged with the client to provide development funding for the site, which has a GDV of £155m.


Mixed-use Residential / Commercial, Land with Planning, Manchester

Prospect Capital enabled a £40m facility on a mixed use site valued at £140m on the outskirts of Manchester.


Acquisition of Residential Properties, London SW3 and SW10

Prospect Capital facilitated a £9.25 facility for the acquisition of properties close to London’s Kings Road.

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